South London Feeder March

To TUC March for the Alternative
26 March 2010
11:00 am, Kennington Park

Southwark and Lambeth Save our Services (SoS) and Lewisham Anti-Cuts Allilance (LACA) have called a South London regional feeder march to join with the TUC March 26th national demonstration against the cuts.

The South London regional feeder march will leave from Kennington Park at 11.00 am on Saturday March 26th and join the main demonstration in central London.

The regional march will bring together activists, protesters, union members, service users, all races, creeds and colours, all sexes and sexualities, the young, old and in between, to express the opposition South Londoners feel to the ConDem coalition cuts and the local councils that implement them. Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark have already seen large and militant protests outside their councils, to express our outrage at the millions of pounds being slashed off services, thousands of redundancies, privatisation and outsourcing. We intend to build that movement into one large enough to not only protest against the cuts but to stop them.


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