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South London Feeder March

To TUC March for the Alternative
26 March 2010
11:00 am, Kennington Park

Southwark and Lambeth Save our Services (SoS) and Lewisham Anti-Cuts Allilance (LACA) have called a South London regional feeder march to join with the TUC March 26th national demonstration against the cuts.

The South London regional feeder march will leave from Kennington Park at 11.00 am on Saturday March 26th and join the main demonstration in central London.

The regional march will bring together activists, protesters, union members, service users, all races, creeds and colours, all sexes and sexualities, the young, old and in between, to express the opposition South Londoners feel to the ConDem coalition cuts and the local councils that implement them. Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark have already seen large and militant protests outside their councils, to express our outrage at the millions of pounds being slashed off services, thousands of redundancies, privatisation and outsourcing. We intend to build that movement into one large enough to not only protest against the cuts but to stop them.

March For the Alternative

Jobs, Growth, Justice
26 March 2010
11:00 am, Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park

Government spending cuts will damage public services and put more than a million out of work. They will hit the vulnerable, damage communities and undermine much of what holds us together as a society. Ministers say there is no alternative. But both of the government’s two key decisions are political choices, not economic necessity. That is why it is the March for the Alternative – an alternative in which rich individuals and big companies have to pay all their tax, that the banks pay a Robin Hood tax and on in which we strain every sinew to create jobs and boost the sustainable economic growth that will generate the prosperity which is the only long term way to close the deficit and reduce the nation’s debt.

Put Students First

Protest To Defend International Students
Friday 11 March 2011
1:00 pm, Deptford Town Hall

Gather at DTH on Friday afternoon to protest college compliance with student surveillance under PBSI.

International students at Goldsmiths are currently under siege. Under the Points Based Immigration System, students must register and re-register regularly through an awkward and unreliable online system. Some are now at imminent risk of being withdrawn from their studies – or even deported to their home countries.

Students Not Suspects, in conjunction with the Goldsmiths Student Union and Goldsmiths UCU, are demanding an immediate freeze to the registration process until all students can be verifiably contacted. But we also demand that colleges and universities put students first, and actively oppose the use of higher education as an arm of the border police.

Goldsmiths plans to hand over student information to the UK Border Agency this Friday. PLEASE JOIN US AT THE DEMO TO SHOW SMT THAT WE WON’T COMPLY WITH THE CRIMINALISATION OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.

Anti-Austerity Meeting

Goldsmiths Fights Back
Wednesday 2 March 2011
The Stretch, Goldsmiths Student Union 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Meeting to plan, organise and build for March 26th.