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Whose University?

Two-Day Symposium
Co-hosted by GLITS, Goldsmiths Literature Seminar and InC Research Group in Continental Philosophy
Thursday 9 June 2011 and Friday 10 June 2011
9:30 am, Goldsmiths

In the wake of the government’s plans to drastically alter the funding of higher education, the very ethos of the university is undergoing transformation. At stake are learning for its own merit, the validity of disciplines, the forms of life there produced and the concept of academic freedom, all under scrutiny amidst concerns of value – monetary, societal, public and private. The intention of this symposium is twofold: to defend the role of arts, humanities and social sciences in academic learning and to establish a discourse for the university as a public good beyond the well-rehearsed humanistic defences of the past and the emerging value-based discourses of the present.